Simply Fit E-Booklet

How to Get Simply Fit 
A Six Week Plan for
Healthy Living and Permanent Weight Control
By Chrissy MacDonald

Are you putting off getting fit?   Why not start today? You don’t need to go to a gym or buy a lot of equipment. You can do the exercises in the privacy of your own home with a few free weights and a fitness ball or the floor.

As a fitness trainer and healthy living workshop presenter for several years, I’ve put together an E-Booklet to help you get in shape and be your absolute best.

To be your best, you need to look at everything in your life including exercise, healthy eating, positive thinking, relaxation and proper breathing. You’ll find everything you need in this E-Booklet.

How to Get Simply Fit will show you how to:

  • Lose weight safely without dieting.
  • Eat healthy and delicious foods.
  • Boost your metabolism for long-term weight control.
  • Get started on an exercise program – step by step.
  • Find the motivation to stick with your positive lifestyle.
  • How to simplify your life.
    Living simply is not about doing without.
  • Deal with stress and glide through your day
    with a sense of contentment.
  • Get a good night’s sleep. Lack of sleep affects your whole day.
  • Learn to live in the moment….and much more!

Also included is a simple full body exercise program using free weights, stretching and relaxation.

It takes six weeks to develop a habit and two weeks to fall out of one. If you begin today, you can be on your way to a lifetime of good health and fitness!

What is holding you back from being your absolute best?

How to Get Simply Fit will help you reach your goals of fitness, health and a more harmonious and peaceful life all for only 
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. (59 pages/1266 KB)

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“The first step is what counts; first beginnings are hardest to make and as small and inconspicuous as they are potent in influence, but once they are made, it is easy to add the rest.” Aristotle